Selling on Orgone Bay

What can you sell?

  • Physical goods

    This site is dedicated to the sale of orgonite and related healing tools as well as supplies for making orgonite.

  • Sell Digital Orgonite related products

    You may sell digital products like orgone related e-books, manuals, pdfs that can be downloaded on purchase.

  • Music

    You can even sell your own songs, jingles, .. . Provide the preview sound and on purchase provide the full version to be downloaded. Your songs should be related to the subject of this website though

  • Video

    Made any Orgone related videos like DIY instructions that you would like to sell? You can do that here as well. Upload a preview trailer and let buyers download the full version after paying the purchase price

How does it work?

  • List item

    Until the end of May 2015 there will be no listing fees for showcasing your product on Orgone Bay

    What's even better: commissions are only 3.5% on al your sales. That's the lowest on the market. Your earnings are directly credited to your PayPal account after deduction of the comission.

  • Get paid

    Shoppers find your item and pay.

  • Ship item

    You ship the item to your customer.

Why sell on Orgone Bay?

  • Active buyers

    Orgone Bay shoppers are looking for beautiful orgonite creations, tactical orgonite for environmental healing, orgone zappers, quartz crystals, various gemstones, metal shavings, moulds and other orgonite making supplies and services. Orgone Bay is backed by the tried and trusted team of Orgonise Africa, well known Orgone activists since 2002

important notice: We are still in pre-launch. The PayPal functionality is not live yet. You can already register as a seller and start creating your shop. We expect the site to be fully live on Tuesday 28 April