Anturio - OMM Craft

Anturio - OMM Craft

Orgone Matrix Material (OMM) aka Orgonite - Crafted Devices by Anturio

From heavy duty deployment devices to 'artisan grade' pieces.
All devices are made to exceptionally high standards of quality with attention paid not only to visual aesthetic but also to the actual innards, selected ingredients and output power efficiency as well. Sourcing only the finest materials for inclusion and providing the pieces with the optimal environment conditions for the 'curing' process.

Photographs of some of my pieces can be seen at the following link:

Information link: For any further information reading, slideshow picture galleries, links, how-to's and loads more OMM content is featured on the 'Glass-works' pages on my website.

I utilise both premium grade epoxy and polyester clear cast resins along with dense heat-treated, acetone cleaned swarfed metals, metallic powders, flakes and metal salts. Also incorporate whole big chunky Lemurian Quartz crystal points and other quality select rocks, minerals and gem-stones.

The devices/pieces which are made available for purchase in this Orgone Boutique will have all been finalised with an unadulterated 'encapsulating' layer of epoxy resin that I have come to call the 'double-dip'.
This final process provides the devices with a fault-free ultra smooth, slick'n glossy finish and also completely seals and protects against any potential 'leaching' that may occur from certain mineral particles suspended in the resin.